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Objectivity is IT outsourcing firm. Their headoffice is located in the United Kingdom. In 2005 the company has started a development centre in 1 of the Polish city. As a result of that, its stakeholders may enjoy a combination of two extremely necessary things at a time:

Author: Sylvain Kalache
Source: http://www.flickr.com
a/ To begin with, thehead office is placed in Coventry. It ensures both: British account management as well as convenient location. The United Kingdom has really good connections with the rest of Europe. Stakeholders have an access to the main office which is close to them. b/ What is more, stakeholders obtain good quality products for good price. Products are developed by teams located in Poland. Labor cost are lower there than in the United Kingdom, but at the same time – highly experienced, English speaking specialists are easily to be found. That location is also much more convenient than offshore outsourcing (as for instance India), not just because this is much easier to come around to an office, but also ‘cause cultural similarities.

According to information which can be easily found on the firm’s website, objectivity offers four main categories of services:
1/ Nearshore Outsourcing
Services are developed in above mentioned nearshore centre in Poland. Within the nearshore outsourcing services objectivity provides unique and high standard solutions that are developed as an answer for the priorities of stakeholder’s firm. Your firmcan have its own team that works just for you – this could be formed by 2 up to 20 people.
2/ Bespoke Software
This is a software solution that is designed specially for your company, with the purpose of addressing its particular needs. As a result of the significantly specialised specialists and over 20 years of experience, developed models will be highly innovative and specifically tailored to address these particular needs.

3/ Government IT Outsourcing
Objectivity is 1 of those approved supplier for the British public sector. Information that objectivity is frequently chosen buy such staekeholders clearly shows the highest level represented by this firm and its excellent customer service.

4/ Support & Maintenance
Objectivity offers also modifications of already existing software products to eliminate defined faults or to update it so the software can easily adapt for new challenges.